We only use American made raw product: fragrance oil, packaging film, elastic string, etc.
Our Fragrance Oils are approved by IFA (including California Prop. 65) for safety and environmental friendliness.
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  • Material: Special absorbent air freshener board / Blotter Paper
  • Scents / Fragrances: Pick and choose from a list of fragrance oil in stock : http://www.promoinfo.net/fragrances.htm
  • Custom oil compositions available. Please contact your local Promotional - Advertising Agent for more information.
  • Shapes / Dies:  FREE (no charge) shapes / dies available: http://promoinfo.net/dies.htm
  • Create your own Custom Die Shape! *Additional charge
  • Please email PO & Artwork together
  • We accept all files EPS, AI, CDR, TIF, JPEG. Due to the high volume of different software versions, fonts, and updates, we ask that you PLEASE make sure to have your graphic designer prepare the files appropriately  in order to avoid any problems during opening of the file.
  • If your file is saved or exported to PDF, EPS, AI, CDR .....all text must be converted to outlines (converted to curves). All artwork must be to size of the die with colors and layout in exact position.
  • Artwork, text and numbers must stop 1/8" - 3/16" from the edge of the die, or else the background will bleed.
  • DO NOT mix CMYK & PMS colors with your artwork file.  All colors MUST BE converted to PMS (vector) or CMYK (offset)
  • The JPEG file attached with your PO and artwork would also give you and us an extra guarantee that your design / image is not damaged or corrupted.
  • Standard box size: 15 X 10 X 14 H
  • Quantity / units packed per box: 1000 – 1200 units................depending on product size....
  • Standard box weight: 20-25 lbs each.
  • Pallet full size:  48 x 48 inch ….7 rows x 15 boxes per row = 105 boxes per pallet.
  • Estimate shipping / freight cost: Due to different rates, prices and shipping methods we suggest to contact your own Freight / Shipping company for shipping quotes or visit : http://www.ups.com/
  • Standard lead time for orders:  10-14 days
  • 24 hours - 5 days  production - RUSH SERVICE available (depending on order quantity and printed colors )  - additional fee (restrictions) will apply
  • Overruns and under runs: We reserve the right to ship and bill up to 5% over or under quantity ordered. These will be shipped and billed accordingly.

    We would be happy to mail you some samples!
    Please contact your local Promotional/Advertising Agent for more information.

    Due to high volume of mailed samples recently being lost , please provide your UPS or Fed Ex account to ensure the security of samples, we will provide the tracking number for your reference.